Supports for Children


EARLY INTERVENTION (birth up to age 3)

The Harrison County Board of Developmental Disabilities provides Early Intervention to families of children from birth up to the age of three. Early Intervention is designed to help families help their children learn and grow. Eligibility is determined from the results of evaluations and assessments completed by you and your team members.
Once a child is determined eligible, a team supports the family and helps with developmental concerns such as:

  • o how your child learns
    o how your child lets you know his wants and needs
    o how your child interacts with others
    o how your child moves and uses his hands
    o how your child uses everyday skills

A service coordinator will guide your family’s early intervention journey, helping you locate resources in your community and developing an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP). This service coordination, along with eligibility evaluations and assessments are provided at no cost to your family.
There may be a fee for some supports that can include, but are not limited to:

  • • Occupational therapy
    • Speech language pathology
    • Physical therapy

Your health insurance may cover the cost of these supports.
Your family and your service coordinator along with a developmental specialist, physical therapist, occupational therapist and speech/language pathologist form a core team.

Primary Service Provider (PSP)
Based upon the needs of your family and child, one person from the core team of professionals will be chosen to work with you. This person is the Primary Service Provider (PSP). The PSP visits regularly and helps you develop a plan based upon your concerns and priorities about your child’s development.
You know your child best. We help you by sharing information and tips that you can use to help your child during everyday routines in your home. As needed, your PSP will share information with the other team members and return with ideas for you to try. This means one specialist is in your home, but all team members are available to help.

Outcomes are simply statements about what you would like to see your child do during everyday activities. For example, if your son struggles moving from the couch to his toys, the statement may read, “Johnny will walk from the couch to his toy during playtime.”
Children need lots of practice to gain new skills and practice happens during natural times of the day in familiar places and during typical activities, like playing, eating, and bathing.
Using everyday activities to build your child’s skills can be easier for you, because you don’t have to schedule a special time to do it.

Parents, physicians, nurses, social workers, child care staff, extended family, friends, neighbors, or other community members that have a concern about a child’s development can call the local Help Me Grow Central Coordination office to refer a child for early intervention.

To make a referral to Help Me Grow Early Intervention:
Call 740-283-3347 x 300

PRESCHOOL (ages 3 to 5)
Full day preschool is offered Monday through Friday to children ages three to five years of age at the Harrison County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Three preschool classrooms are limited in size to 16 students each (eight children with delays/disabilities; eight children with typical development). Each day is designed to educate and engage children in a variety of ways that include hands-on activities that expose and prepare children for the skills they will need for kindergarten and beyond.

There are requirements to receive supports from the Harrison County Board of DD and those will be discussed with parents once a referral is made. Parents wishing to enroll their preschool child with a delay/disability in the Harrison CBDD preschool must first contact the school district in which the student lives to begin the process.
To learn more, contact:

Brittany Wood, Director of Operations